A Comprehensive Review Of 2019 And 2020 VR Headsets

varjo VR-2 headset


PlayStation VR[16] makes our tethered list but it is unique. Rather than connecting to a computer, it connects to a PlayStation 4.

It’s true, the PSVR launched in ’16. Also, while a PSVR2 is rumored to come out with the PS5 towards the end of 2020, we know virtually nothing about it. Still, as the buzz around VR grows and Sony keeps releasing better and better content, we were definitely talking about the PSVR in 2019. The year before that, it ranked high on our list of best VR headsets for gaming[17].

It’s a bit unfortunate that you have to own a PS4 to play PSVR. Other than that, there aren’t a lot of drawbacks.

Both the system and the experiences are regularly praised as some of the best that VR has to offer. The headset is well designed and offers fine audio and visuals. There are already hundreds of available experiences.

PlayStation VR
PlayStation VR

What really puts PSVR over the edge for me are the accessories[18]. Their aim controller and wands make for even more immersive experiences. If the whole package is out of your price range right now, the headset and a standard controller are all you need for most experiences.

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